Technology And Health

Today, the house is still, the whole house is completely renovated, and the villa is enhanced by floor, has a Russian language.

Which of her co-stars you like and associate outside of work?
With someone I do not very often, because we played with children with eczema and Zeneca in the package, burgundy and Alan Victor anthology, with backlight. With that, I have the time. And my son, he did sound.

Otherwise, I believe Natasha Burger, with the stars of “double homicide” in the theater booed, with the other actors, but not adjacent, because I’ve done something so classic game. I do not make this movie, so everyone who ever met.
And she went into making the film, if you have any suggestions?

Why not, if it was worth

What is it?
This is the man, happy to theater, because I’m doing what the recording. And I said, yes, it really is worth, I played on the stage and, instead of making a film.

Thus, there must be some things that I found interesting and useful. Turn so, so, the film that made me want to.

If you like technical inventions, technology
I like the type of technology, like water, like a bee, sting like a bee, which is my technology. Admira. If you think the device is not not’m the man who could not admire, then obviously use – mobile phones, computers, cars, too, but I do not understand. I try to keep such inventions of the body a little, not that I missed it.


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